Kate Frey discusses cannabis policy on The Power of Prevention podcast

Kate Frey discusses cannabis policy on The Power of Prevention podcast

Kate Frey, New Futures' Vice President of Advocacy, sat down with Christin D’Ovidio, host of The Power of Prevention podcast, to discuss the evolving cannabis legislation in New Hampshire.

Understanding Cannabis Policy

Kate Frey breaks down the confusion that often surrounds cannabis policy, clarifying the differences between types of cannabis use and what they mean under New Hampshire law. She also discusses the history of cannabis policy in New Hampshire, moving from decriminalization to legalization of therapeutic use, to this year’s legislation that proposes full legalization through a commercial model.

Lessons from Other States

Drawing from experiences in other states, Kate shares valuable lessons learned from cannabis policy in the US. These insights can inform New Hampshire’s approach to cannabis legislation. By examining challenges and mistakes faced in other states, we can make informed decisions that prioritize public health and safety, promote social justice and harm reduction, and protect New Hampshire’s youth.

Balancing Access and Health Concerns

One of the critical discussions revolves around balancing increased legal access to cannabis with potential public health concerns. Kate addresses this delicate balance, emphasizing the need to protect youth while ensuring responsible use by adults. Kate offers thoughtful perspectives about how New Hampshire can do this with legislation.

What Prevention Means to Kate

At the end of each episode, podcast host Christin asks each guest to describe what prevention means to them. Kate’s definition of prevention: “To me, I think when I started [this role] 7 years ago, it was the traditional sense of prevention – the programs in schools, talking to your kids about substance use, and doing everything you can to keep kids away from drugs – that traditional sense of prevention. And boy, I think I've done a 180 completely on that.”

Listen to the podcast to hear about Kate’s full 180!

Listen to the Podcast

Tune in to the Power of Prevention podcast episode to listen to the full conversation and discover what’s new and changing regarding cannabis policy and what it might mean for prevention and treatment approaches.


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