Pot-related products would be banned under bill passed by NH lawmakers

A bill headed to the governor’s desk would prohibit retail outlets from selling gummies, vape canisters and other products containing an intoxicating substance similar to the active ingredient in marijuana.

These so-called delta-8 THC products are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and pose serious health risks, according to the federal agency. They are currently sold throughout the state.

House Bill 611, which the N.H. House and Senate passed in voice votes this past Thursday, would outlaw the sale of products containing the substance, which is derived from hemp.

“Once signed into law, the N.H. Liquor Commission’s Division of Enforcement and Licensing will ensure compliance within our licensed establishments regarding the changes related to the sale of hemp-derived THC products,” commission spokesman E.J. Powers said in a written statement Monday.

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