Resource Guide: How to Access Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits


If you need help with your mental health or substance use, you are not alone. Help is available near you! Once you get help, it’s important to plan how you will afford the treatment and services you need by enrolling in health insurance. Health insurance can help pay for ongoing mental health and substance use disorder treatment. If you or your family feel overwhelmed – don’t give up – this Guide can help!

This Guide provides a basic explanation of how to find treatment, enroll in insurance coverage, and make sure the treatment you need is covered and paid for. Almost all health insurance plans in New Hampshire include benefits for mental health and substance use disorder (often referred to as SUD) treatment. The term health insurance refers to a government or private health plan that covers mental health, substance use disorder, and medical care services.

This Guide will provide you with a better understanding of:

  • What your health insurance means for you and your family;
  • How to make sure your health insurance works for you and that you get the health services you need;
  • Who to contact if you have questions about health insurance.

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