Upcoming Hearings and Votes (Week of 1/1/24)

Upcoming Hearings and Votes (Week of 1/1/24)
New Futures

Happy New Year! The 2024 Legislative Session kicks off this week, and quite a few bills have hearings. Please virtually sign in on these bills - virtual sign-ins are a great way to show lawmakers that a specific bill has support from the public!

Two bills will head to the House floor for votes on Wednesday or Thursday this week, meaning there is still time to email your representatives before the vote. Learn more below.

1:00 PM: SB 404 - Child Care for Child Care Teachers

SB 404 is a proactive approach to addressing the child care workforce crisis by providing all child care workers with child care scholarships through the NH Child Care Scholarship Program. SIGN IN on SB 404.

SIGN IN to Support SB 404

1:15 PM: SB 411 - Insurance Coverage for Youth Mental Health Services

SB 411 would require all private insurance carriers to cover New Hampshire youth mental health services, including wraparound and emergency services.

SIGN IN to Support SB 411

1:30 PM: SB 499 - End Hunger Act

SB 499 will improve participation in school breakfast, ensure children can access school meals, help children access meals in the summer, and will make it easier for older adults and people living with disabilities to access food and nutrition benefits.

SIGN IN to Support SB 499

1:45 PM: SB 399 - Access to Lead Testing

SB 399 would held families acess lead testing by requiring insurance companies to cover the full cost of lead testing of one- and two-year-old children, as well as any follow-up testing needed as a result of elevated blood levels.

SIGN IN to Support SB 399

9:00 AM: SB 335 - Alcohol Advertising

SB 335 adds labeling restrictions to current alcohol advertising laws that prohibit cartoons, toys, and characters in lavels and advertisements. It also prohibits alcoholic products that are named, packaged, marketed, or designed in a way that mimics commercially available non-alcoholic products, including popular drinks for children.

SIGN IN to Support SB 335

HB 619 - Ban on Care for Transgender Youth

HB 619 targets LGBTQ youth and families in three major ways. First, the bill bans all medically necessary care for transgender youth. Second, the bill bans any gender affirmation or education in public schools. Finally, the bill changes the definition of conversion therapy, rendering it virtually impossible for minors to refuse participation. Email your representatives to encourage them to OPPOSE this extreme legislation.

Email Your Representatives

HB 470 - Harm Reduction Expansion

HB 470 expands New Hampshire's overdose prevention strategy by removing drug-checking equipment or materials from the definition of drug paraphernalia and the use, possession, distribution, and transportation of these life-saving tools. Email your Representatives to encourage them to SUPPORT this important legislation.

Email Your Representatives

If you would like to attend any of of these hearings in person, please let us know, and a member of our Community Engagement team will be in touch to offer assistance.

Your contribution to New Futures will leave a lasting impact in the Granite State!


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