2018 End of Session Wrap Up

Thanks to the help and support of hundreds of advocates, the 2018 legislative session was overwhelmingly successful for the health of the Granite State. Awe-inspiring advocacy led to the reauthorization of Medicaid Expansion, the defeat of marijuana legalization, protections for children from lead poisoning, and more.

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Of the hundreds of bills that New Futures followed over the course of this session, all of which were important for the health and wellness of all New Hampshire residents, a few stand out:

SB 313: Medicaid Expansion

New futures supported | bill passed

This bill reauthorized Medicaid Expansion. New Futures, along with a strong coalition of health advocates, supported SB 313 and was glad to see it receive overwhelming support in both the Senate and NH House thanks to strong advocacy, collaboration, and the Rally to Reauthorize #MedEx. Medicaid Expansion is the single most important program to keep New Hampshire residents healthy. To date it has helped over 130,000 Granite Staters gain access to health care. Additionally, the program has been instrumental in supporting the statewide Drug Court system and other substance use treatment programs. Medicaid Expansion supports a vibrant Granite State economy by bringing more than $400 million in federal funding back to the state each year. New Futures strongly supported that this bill continue to allow New Hampshire’s residents access to necessary health care services.

Both the New Hampshire House and Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass SB 313. Governor Sununu has pledged to sign the bill, and it will soon be incorporated into law.

HB 656: Legalization of Marijuana

New futures opposed | bill sent to interim study

New Futures opposed HB 656 and the legalization of marijuana. Legalization would be detrimental to our youth, have negative impacts to public health and public safety, and would threaten New Hampshire’s quality of life. New Hampshire is in a unique position to wait and see what experiences other states have on the road to legalization. 

Thanks to strong advocacy from many partners, HB 656 was sent to interim study. Our lawmakers recognized that it was the wrong bill at the wrong time for New Hampshire.

SB 247: Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

New futures supported | bill passed

New Futures supported SB 247, which takes important steps to protect children from hazardous lead poisoning. This bill requires blood testing for lead poisoning for 1- and 2-year-olds, lowers the action level for required intervention, and ensures that landlords and parents are informed when a child is found to be exposed to lead.

SB 247 is now effective in the state of New Hampshire. The bill passed both the Senate and House and was signed into law by Governor Sununu.

SB 592: Relative to Child Welfare and Protection Services

New futures supported | bill passed

SB 592, supported by New Futures Kids Count, will lead to an improved child protection system by increasing funding for voluntary and community-based protection services and parental assistance programs. These provisions will provide important supports for families and lead to safer New Hampshire children. 

Having passed both the Senate and the House with tremendous support, SB 592 will be signed into law.

SB 570: Relative to Treatment Programs as Work Requirement for Child Care Scholarships

New futures supported | bill passed

New Futures Kids Count supported SB 570, which provides critical child care support to families seeking substance use treatment. Access to child care is critical to support our children, mitigate adverse childhood experiences, and set kids up for long-term success. This bill includes participation in a mental health or SUD treatment program under the work requirement for New Hampshire's child care scholarship program, making child care available to many families who are impacted by addiction.

The bill passed the NH House and Senate and is now on its way to being signed into law.

HB 1809: Relative to Balance Billing 

New futures supported | bill passed

HB 1809, which New Futures supported, will protect consumers and prohibit balance billing in certain situations by out-of-network providers, thus eliminating surprise bills after medical services are performed. Balance billing leads to shocking medical bills for Granite State consumers and results in unexpected medical debt.

The bill passed the House with strong support, unanimously passed the Senate, and will now be signed into law by the Governor.

SB 513: Establishing September as New Hampshire Recovery Month

New futures supported | bill passed

With the support of New Futures, this bill established September as New Hampshire Recovery Month. SB 513 will help New Hampshire support and honor those in recovery from addiction.

The bill passed the Senate unanimously, passed the House with a voice vote, and will soon be brought to the Governor's desk, where it is expected to be signed it into law.

HB 1418: Relative to Drug Price Transparency

New futures supported | bill passed

New Futures supported HB 1418, which creates a commission to look at drug price transparency and rebates for pharmaceutical benefit managers. This bill will shine a light on the cost of prescription drugs, leading to increased transparency in our health care system.

The bill passed the Senate and House by voice vote and is now expected to be signed into law.

Thank you!

Our many supporters and advocates helped make the 2018 legislative session as successful as it was. Your voices led to the passage of these critical bills and to a healthier Granite State. We can't thank you enough.

Click here to download our 2018 Policy Report Card!