2019 Campaign Priorities

New Futures follows and weighs in on hundreds of bills every legislative session that have long-term impacts on the health and wellness of all Granite Staters. Ongoing advocacy from policy experts, grasstops leaders, and advocates helps to ensure New Hampshire's legislators are passing policies which keep New Hampshire healthy for ourselves, our children and our families. However, some policy initiatives require the support of large coalitions and the public, and this is where New Futures focuses our campaign efforts.

In 2019, we need your help to:

  • protect our children and communities from the harms of marijuana commercialization;
  • promote overall child wellbeing with home visiting and Family Resource Centers; and
  • keep New Hampshire healthy by supporting our health care workforce. 


Marijuana commercialization is wrong for New Hampshire's young people and communities. Science shows that marijuana use during youth, when young brains are developing, can have long-term negative health effects. HB 481, a bill which has been introduced in the NH House, would allow retail sales of all forms of marijuana products with no limits on potency, and it does not include the protections necessary to keep our youth and communities healthy. 

We need you to help us explain to our lawmakers that HB 481 is an irresponsible bill. 


We can all agree that New Hampshire is a wonderful place to grow up strong and healthy. For this to continue to be true, we must be supporting the health, wellness, and development of our children by giving kids and families support services. Granite State children are dealing with traumatic experiences due to our substance misuse, mental health, and child protection crises. As a result, these children can face social, emotional, physical, and mental health challenges that last into adulthood and leave our state at risk in the future. Home visiting programs and Family Resource Centers help connect parents and children with services they need to combat these adverse childhood experiences and be healthy and happy.

In 2019, we'll be advocating to support vulnerable children and strengthen families with access to home visiting services and a system of Family Resource Centers. 


In New Hampshire, businesses are struggling to fill open positions because there is a lack of qualified candidates. This challenge is overwhelming in our health care industry, where there are hundreds of clinical vacancies. These open positions lead to longer wait times, staff under additional pressure, and backups in emergency departments, all of which prevent Granite Staters from getting the health care that they need. When Granite Staters do not get the health care they need, our state suffers.

Lawmakers need to hear from health care providers about the how the health care workforce shortage affects the state.