Speak up for our health care workforce

New Futures is a member of the New Hampshire Health Care Workforce Coalition, a group of over 50 organizations who know how important a strong health care workforce is to a healthy state. Currently, New Hampshire's overwhelming workforce shortage is preventing success in one of the Granite State’s largest and most important sectors: health care.

The 2,000+ health care worker vacancies across NH prevent quality care.

  • 1,800 in hospitals
  • 109 in Community Health Centers
  • 218 in Community Mental Health Centers
  • 289 in Area Disability Service Agencies
  • And hundreds more in substance use treatment facilities, pharmacies, acute care facilities, nursing homes, and other health care organizations.

There is a lot that needs to be done in New Hampshire to keep our state strong and healthy, including addressing the mental health and substance use crises, ensuring access to primary and preventative care, caring for our aging population, and attracting young people to our great state. None of these steps can be taken without investing in our health care workforce.

Click here to download a fact sheet on the health care workforce in NH.

Call to action

In New Hampshire right now, the Senate Finance Committee is debating the state budget. There are many components to a healthy budget in New Hampshire, and none can be accomplished without a strong health care workforce. Call the members of the Senate Finance committee today and ask them to include the components of SB 308 in the budget!

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