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Opening Space for the Future of Civic Engagement Workshop

  • The purpose of this collaborative conversation was simple and important: We needed and wanted your deep engagement in the issues and opportunities surrounding the present and future of advocacy. What are the issues and opportunities for increased civic engagement that you care about? What are your ideas, questions, recommendations, concerns, needs, and desires for resolution and future directions? Our conversations were about how we can improve our state and increase access to the policymaking process for all Granite Staters. For more information about Open Spaces Technology click here.

To read notes taken during this event you can access the Jamboards used at the links below.

24th Annual Recognition Event

  • Our 24th Annual Recognition Event this year recognized outstanding community leaders and celebrated our shared success advocating for the health of New Hampshire. Despite the many challenges of 2021, together we achieved incredible growth and change. If you were unable to join us to celebrate the significant strides we’ve collectively made this year for the future health and wellness of the Granite State: you can watch the event on Facebook and Youtube 

Award & Scholarship Recipients