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Did you know that, though the pandemic is surging in NH, advocates can no longer access the State Legislature remotely through Zoom? 

  • In June, Governor Sununu ended the state of emergency, which allowed for legislative convenings to be virtual in 2021. The remote legislative option helped to preserve public health while ensuring participation in the legislative process under COVID-19.
  • Thus far, the NH House and Senate have decided not to extend remote access again for the 2022 legislative session. 
  • Unless changes are made, advocates will have to attend in-person to testify at committee hearings and meetings. 
  • With COVID-19 infections skyrocketing and NH’s medical system already stretched thin by Omicron, it is extremely unsafe to require individuals to put their own health - and the health of their families, friends, neighbors, and communities - at risk in order to attend and testify in-person at legislative committee hearings.

It is critical to speak up for remote access to the legislature.

  • Safe and secure public access to the legislative process is key to preserving our state democracy.
  • No one should have to risk illness and jeopardize their life to have their voice heard at the state house.
  • Citizen voices are an essential part of New Hampshire’s legislative process.

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