Upcoming Hearings and Votes (Week of 1/22/24)

Upcoming Hearings and Votes (Week of 1/22/24)
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Welcome back to another edition of New Futures' weekly Upcoming Hearings and Votes update! There are no public hearings for New Futures’ priority bills this week, so this is a great opportunity to catch up on recent hearings and make your voice heard before committees take action.

Priority Legislation Updates

Child Care for Child Care Workers (SB 404)

SB 404 would support the child care workforce by giving workers access to the state’s child care scholarship program, regardless of household income. The bill had a hearing in early January and still not has been voted on by the Senate Health and Human Services committee, which means there is still time to email the committee to urge them to vote in support. We’re also collecting stories from current or former child care workers about the struggle to afford child care to share with lawmakers.

Preventing Childhood Lead Exposure (SB 399 & SB 392)

SB 399 would help families access lead testing by removing financial barriers. SB 392 provides funding to make New Hampshire homes and communities lead-safe.

Both bills had hearings earlier this month, which means there is still time to email the committees to urge their support. We’re also collecting stories from families who experienced lead exposure to share with lawmakers.

Growing NH’s Health Care Workforce (SB 403)

SB 403 aims to attract and retain health care workers across the spectrum of care in New Hampshire. There was a hearing on the bill in early January. Senate Health and Human Services has not voted on a recommendation for SB 403 yet, meaning there is still time to email the committee to encourage their support for the bill. You can also share your struggles accessing medical care (like long waits for appointments, or no local specialists) with lawmakers.

Recapping Last Week

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills

Last week, public hearings were held on several bills relating to rights for LGBTQ+ youth in New Hampshire. SB 562 would allow for discrimination against transgender people by banning them from using the bathroom or locker room that align with their preferred identity. HB 1419 would ban LGBTQ+ resources in public schools.

HB 1011 would criminalize medically necessary care for transgender youth. After the hearing, the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted on a recommendation of Inexpedient to Legislate on this bill. The bill will head to the House floor for a vote.

Because of the numerous attacks on LGBTQ+ rights this session, New Futures is collecting stories from people who would be impacted by these bills to share with lawmakers.

Ensuring Responsible Cannabis Policy (HB 1633)

HB 1633 had a hearing last week before the House Judiciary Committee. HB 1633, which is the only bill in the legislature this year attempting to legalize cannabis for adult use, falls short of meeting the Principles for Responsible Cannabis Commercialization. The bill does not currently include potency limits and does not have enough prohibit packaging or marketing that is attractive to youth. The bill also does not provide enough funding to reduce the harms of legalizing another addictive product.

The committee will hold an executive session this Wednesday to vote on a recommendation for the bill. There is still time to email the committee to encourage them to amend the bill to prioritize children and youth, promote social justice and equity, protect public health, and improve prevention efforts.

For more information about these issues and other priority legislation, visit our Current Legislation page.

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